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Major Projects


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Major projects to date have included the following:
  • Citibank
  • Kodak
  • Arlington County Government Information Technology Department
  • Association of American Railroads (Raillnc.)
  • National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)
Citibank (New York-Wall Street)

RDS staff provided a complete assessment and recommendation of how to improve the software environment for this organization. The organization then requested that a complete reengineering of their environment to meet Configuration Management (CM) Process in line with Capability Maturity Model (CMM) level two. This effort included creating a defect tracking database using Lotus notes (r) and Microsoft Access Database (r). The creation of four distinct environments under PVCS with security control was implemented. RDS was able to create a defect tracking system for the organization using their existing environments while at the same time demonstrating the efficiency of moving from PVCS 5.3,6.0, and 6.5 to 6.6. This process including demonstrating the proper procedures for maintenance of the Network systems with failure recognition process and tracking as means to implement more efficient tracking records.

RDS personnel provided in-depth training to Customer Interface, Configuration Management and the Development staff in order to efficiently relinquish responsibility at the completion of the contract.


RDS was tasked to review specific Internet software and determine the Y2K compliance. Once a determination was made, a system test plan was created to test all software for Y2K certification.

A designated environment was created for testing and maintaining the software for the final rollover process for world wide customer usage. RDS also trained personnel to be to continue to control and maintain the environment as part of the hand over process.

Arlington County Government

RDS provided on-site redesign of the information system environment as a means to implement processes that establishes Configuration Management Process. RDS was also tasked to create and develop System Test Plans for all software for this organization as a means to make sure that all applications were Y2K compliant.

This on site design ensure reviewed at the existing environment then made recommendations to reengineer to a new four tiered environment (i.e. Development, Testing/Quality, Staging and Emergency/Production Environment) that imposed a level of security and control for the Librarian Environment. This environment contained software that presented all levels of difficulties to control under normal circumstances (i.e. UFO, Easytrieves etc.) and special modified processes had to be created to comply with the new security set up for the environment.

RDS created testing procedures and templates for all new and reengineering software in Microsoft Access (r) and Excel Database (r). The creation of this new CM and System Testing procedures and environment allowed the organization to identify serious catastrophic failures before all software were migrated to the production environment. The RDS team also created contingency plans for the Telecommunication and Network groups. This process entails a review of the design of all systems for fail safe and backup process.

Association of American Railroads (RailInc.)

RDS' contract was to provide Software Quality Assurance and Configuration Management to the Association of American Railroads, by using ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and CMM principles as a means to establish process control. RDS designed and created a structured process that guided the organization from requirement stage through the final rollout and implementation into the Production Environment of all software enhancement process. This process was able to implement Structured Walkthroughs (i.e. code walkthroughs, desk audits, traceability matrix etc.) from start to end. The software environment was redesigned to have a five-tier environment (i.e. Development, Quality Assurance/Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Staging and Emergency/Production Environment) as a means to impose various level of security in the Librarian Environment.

RDS created templates and test procedures for all new and reengineering applications that were being made ready for the production environment. With the implementation of the new environment, configuration management was instituted with controls being instituted in every step of the development life cycle. The client and its customers (i.e. end users) were able to see significant cost savings with almost no down time or overnight emergency calls.

The organization was also able to achieve the Capability Maturity Model Level-2 without realizing the accomplishment. This organization was independently audited by Price Waterhouse and was certified to be above CMM Level-3.

National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)

RDS was tasked with the creation of a Software Quality Assurance Plan/Process that meets the Capability Maturity Model Level-2 (CMM). The original task requested a new Internet software that the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandated that NASD has in place for all its brokers. RDS role was to work with all developers, users and customers to determine the most adequate and efficient way to implement and maintain this development with all 'fail safe' and security features in place. This effort included the guidance to the staff for the Configuration Management Process, Development Process and Production Support function and the improvement of the old processes as a means to implement CMM Level-2 doctrine across the organization, and to move the organization towards Level-3. RDS was able to establish for the organization the 'Waterfall Process' as a means of determining the type of life cycle the development process should follow.

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